merky, the yellow dart (merky) wrote in lain_icons,
merky, the yellow dart


First Place Winner: justlikebilly
Tie between both icons

Second Place Winner: kaostic

Third Place Winner: lostlain

Everyone who participated has won, so there will be no Mod's Choice.

Congrats to everyone!

And for those of you who enjoyed the contest and seeing all the wonderful icons, please go and join lain_icontest, created by justlikebilly.
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you kinda missed out somebody who participated ^_^"
there were 5 icons in the poll..

also, I was just wondering - who makes the winning banners?
The missing icon was made by someone who already won in this contest (each participant can only win one award per contest) so...yeah. And eh, I'm supposed to do the winning banners but I haven't been up to date with them really ^_^;;;
Ohh, please let us know when they're ready then! ^_^
Then again... this might be a bit dumb, since as soon as you post them here, we'll be able to see them -_-