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Serial Experiments Lain Icons
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1. If you're posting more than 3 icons, put the rest under an lj-cut.

2. Credit the creator of your icons, please ;]

3. Only Serial Experiments Lain icons!! Icon requests are accepted just as long as it's Lain-oriented.

4. When commenting on icons, only use constructive criticism. If I see that a certain user has posted negative and hateful comments that are not deemed helpful to the iconmaker, they will be put on a list. If the user gets put on the list twice, they will be banned. Of course, the first time it happens there will be a warning. More information about that here

Every 2 weeks there will be an icon contest. Winners will be posted on the community website (once it's up).

Official Song Suggestion Post: If you think there's a song that would work for the Lain chorus contest, please suggest it in this post!

Rules for the Contest:
1. All icons must fit LJ requirements (100x100; 40k; file must be .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG).

2. Must use an image from S.E. Lain, whether it be from the anime, manga, or videogame.

3. The icon must use a legible line of at least 3 consecutive words from the song. No mixing & matching words.

4. You cannot post your icon elsewhere until the contest ends. All icons must be new! Do not show your icon to anyone until the contest ends.

e-mail: merky@headkablooie.com
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